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Darrell Blakely @bellysbbq

Darrell Blakely @bellysbbq

Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Darrell has always loved the outdoors and spending time on the St. Lawrence River, whether it is cycling, boating, camping or just hanging out in the backyard with a guitar and the fire going. 

Darrell loves being able to spend quality time with the important people in his life – his two children, spouse, his Chow Chow, Simba and friends.

One of his biggest passions and hobbies is cooking. He loves to cook and be behind a BBQ or cooking on his Coulee Yard 19 Sear Lip and the newest Coulee in his collection, his Coulee Colorado. His instagram is full of cooking and grilling mouthwatering meals over the open flame. He brings innovation and inspiration to his cooking by trying new foods and unique ways to cook them. Darrell truly believes that, ultimately, food brings people together, and there is nothing he loves more than sharing a meal with friends and loved ones. Darrell lives a life of fresh air and meaningful connection every single day and his Coulee sparks some core memories with his cooking.

Check out Darrell's instagram here.