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Matt Beauchamp @dashingdad_yyc

Matt Beauchamp @dashingdad_yyc

Matt is a longtime supporter of Coulee being 'IG-turned-IRL' friends with one of our local OG Ambassadors Rachel (@bowsandbentos). He keeps it real sharing his raw life being an inclusive advocate, a stay at home dad sharing the ins and outs of parenthood that we can all relate to, a type one diabetic and a die-hard Blue Jays fan (as we all should be!)

We love how Matt is raw, honest and brave in his approach to life and sharing his story. His account is a safe space for everyone and he doesn't shy away from covering the important and often spicy topics on his ever so engaging "Dashing Dad after Dark" sessions. 

When he first received his Coulee, he immediately created the perfect front sitting area in front of his home as the perfect place to watch the kids play and enjoy the ambiance of the smokeless flames. Matt has a CouleeYard™ 19" Base Edition with the full accessory line-up. From block parties to dad-time, Matt uses his Coulee to the full extent.

Check out Matt's instagram here.